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Tingram v. 1.4
The game - puzzle will consist of 7 geometrical figures which have been cut out from one square.
Rules are very simple. All 7 details should be used for each composition, they should develop one to another and never one from above another. The submitted sketches should be reproduced precisely. You will find out, that small deviations from shown can change all shape of a composition in a result. Some compositions in game are given without names - the majority of them speak for itself.
The purpose of a puzzle - to collect 7 figures how it is shown in figures. From 7 figures it is possible to collect a plenty of sketches submitted in game. Here geometrical figures which are submitted improve imagination. You can think, that figures it is impossible to collect so that to represent difficult curvilinear forms of alive essences, however it is amazing, that truly collected figure can resemble the bent contour there where it is not present. Reproduction of the submitted sketches is only a part of a puzzle, the player can receive much more entertainments, inventing new combinations.


  • Convenient mode of dragging and rotation of figures (rotation by keeping of the button, pressing of the button, rotation mouse scroll ).
  • Rotation of figures to within 1 degree is possible.
  • On all functions of the program there are hot keys.
  • Network game.
  • The interface of game is translated to 14 languages.
  • Opportunity to collect the figure and to keep it for sending to the friend or for the subsequent assembly (the best figures will be placed on a site).
  • It strongly recommended before game to read the information especially undressed Management and Options (for which drawing up I have spent time not less than on the program) it will considerably facilitate process of game. .

changelog - v 1.4:

  • DoubleSize Mode (it is possible to increase the miniature in the real size);
  • new buttons design;
  • Unicode support;
  • translations into Farsi, Greek, Belarus, Kazakh, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian are added;
  • more than 100 new figures added! Now in game of them 400!!
  • small fix.

changelog - v 1.0:

  • opportunity of change of colors of a background of a game field, fill figures, a framework of a figure, a background of a miniature, etc;
  • sounds are added;
  • levels of complexity are added;
  • translations into Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Czech, German, Italian, Macedonian, Serbian are added;
  • more than 200 new figures added! Now in game of them 300!!
  • small fix.

Download Tingram v 1.4 (991 kb)

To-do list

  • Version on Java (1.5) (whether it is necessary?).
  • Consider that in game something does not suffice? Write me

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